Buying American Made Gifts Key to Renewing American Prosperity

Xenna Corporation (/ CEO Carol J. Buck says that particularly during the holidays, one way to help get America back on the right track is for consumers to look for American-made Christmas gifts.

“In the 1960s, nine out of every 10 products Americans bought for the holidays were made in America. Today easily more than half of what we buy is foreign-made,” says Buck.

Princeton, New Jersey, based Xenna manufactures USA made, natural foot care products that are sold nationwide through chain drug and mass retail chains, including Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and Rite Aid. According to Buck, small business owners have many reasons to resist cutting costs by outsourcing materials or labor overseas.

“I could have gone to China for my products’ production at a much lower cost, but we didn’t. Why? Because I prefer to do business with Americans – folks who are close by at a plant I can visit. I also know that the facilities and raw materials are being quality-tested at each step of the process and that production remain on schedule.”

American consumers and business owners alike have learned some hard lessons about the real costs associated with relying too heavily on imported products. The result is a resurgence of interest in “buying American,” and its supporters believe it’s the underlying key to renewing American prosperity.

“Since millions of Americans are now unemployed or underemployed, consumers should be thinking twice about buying products made outside the U.S.,” says Buck. “Buying American is simply the patriotic thing to do. When consumers buy American-made products, they’re helping create jobs for Americans. This also falls into the category of Christmas giving.”

All Xenna products are manufactured in the USA, and are 100% money-back guaranteed.

While hardly appropriate as gifts, if your feet need some TLC before the holidays, or are becoming dry and cracked due to colder weather, Xenna’s well-established foot care line is worth checking out in the footcare section of most retailers.

Xenna’s NonyX® Nail Gel, both all-natural and diabetic-friendly, helps clear out embarrassing yellow or dark keratin debris under toenails. It can be purchased at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid (larger stores), Duane Reade, Kinney Drugs, Kerr Drug, HEB, many Medicine Shoppes, ShopKo and Harris Teeter. NonyX Nail Gel is also sold online at /

For soft, smooth feet there’s Xenna’s diabetic-friendly CalleX® Ointment which is available in the footcare aisle at Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kinney Drugs, Kerr Drug, Stop & Shop and many Medicine Shoppes. CalleX is also available online at / and / This ointment uses natural, exfoliating enzymes, making foot-scraping a thing of the past. It is also free of acid, parabens, lanolin, phthalates, paraffin, colorants and preservatives.

$4 and $5 rebate coupons for NonyX Nail Gel and CalleX Ointment are downloadable at /

All Xenna products, including those for hair care, are biodegradable, contain no animal byproducts and are not tested on animals. For more information about Xenna products, go to /, or call  800-368-6003 .

About Xenna: Based in Princeton, NJ, Xenna’s mission is to provide innovative solutions in personal care. Reflecting the success of that mission, the company was a recipient of the TOP 50 Research Facilities Award in 2006. Xenna products are all manufactured in Ridgefield, NJ.

Xenna is a privately-held, woman-owned company which develops and distributes natural personal care products for skin, hair and nails. To contact them call  800-368-6003  (business hours, Mon-Friday Eastern Time).

White House Christmas Ornament Fundraising Program

 For immediate release

Washington, DC, November 19, 2012:

Again this year, the Washington, DC metro based White House Christmas Ornament has announced they will run their fundraising campaign. Is your school or company realizing the great potential of a fundraising program? Fundraising is a proven method for generating a significant amount of funds in a short period of time.

This year’s White House Christmas Ornament commemorates the presidency of William Howard Taft, the twenty-seventh President of the United States, and his ready acceptance of technology, industry, and the future. President Taft introduced the automobile to the White House in 1909, breaking the long standing tradition of presidents using horse – drawn vehicles and carriages. The ornament is a depiction of President and First Lady Taft seated in the back of The White Model M Steamer on their way to deliver Christmas presents to friends. Manufactured by the White Sewing Machine Company, the White Model M Steamer was a massive 7 passenger, pre-gasoline, steam powered touring auto with the Great Seal of the United States painted on the doors. It was President Taft’s favorite vehicle and had a “daredevil” chauffeur in George Robinson, which President Taft seem to greatly enjoy. Painted in a combination of matte dark greens, the car could also be described as a “convertible” of its time. The ornament is Made in the USA of polished brass which is then coated in nickel and finished in 24k gold.

Since the day it was conceived, the White House Christmas Ornament Fundraising Program has worked with its founders and fundraising partners to provide one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality ornaments which commemorate the history of our American residents, their style of presidency, and our national government. We continue in the direction of our company founders to deliver the finest quality keepsake Christmas ornaments that are known throughout the world.


If you’d like more information about the White House Christmas Ornament Fundraising Program please visit us at / or call us at (301)-493-9273.



American-Made Temporary Tattoos for the Holidays and Throughout the Year

Tucson, AZ, December 15, 2011 – In a time where many products are no longer manufactured in the United States, TM International continues to produce all of the temporary tattoos and other specialty printed products it sells domestically and does that with a largely American supply chain. It’s a Company that lives the Holiday Spirit year-round. “It’s important to support American businesses and we work hard to find local and national domestic supplier partners,” says Stephen Tooker, President & CEO. “The quality is there, production and delivery times are fast and we know that this multiplies the effect of our sales in positively impacting the United States’ economy and job creation.” Some of the Company’s suppliers have been partners since the Company’s inception.

TM International prints more than 6 million temporary tattoos a day, with a 90% market share in North America and 65% globally and the company has been in operation since 1989. TM International supplies over 65,000 corporate partners including Disney, Kellogg’s, Kraft, GEICO, Pepsi and markets packaged products through retailers including Walmart, Michaels, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Ulta and many more. The company also serves hundreds of thousands of consumers across the world and exports its products to more than 100 countries.

For the Holiday Season, TM International’s Tattoo Manufacturing (/ & SAVVi (/ divisions actively market temporary tattoos as stocking stuffers and other gifts. To see the many of these tattoos please visit:/
For TM International, safety is paramount. The temporary tattoos and other products are completely safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. They use only FDA certified colorants and time-proven manufacturing techniques to ensure products meet or exceed all applicable U.S. and international regulatory requirements. All products are backed by 100% unconditional satisfaction and lowest price guarantees.

TM International (TMI Acquisition LLC) is the largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos in the world. The company designs and manufactures all of its products in Tucson, AZ and serves many markets. The company’s products are sold under the California Tattoos, SAVVi, Tattoo Manufacturing and Vending Supply brand names. Products are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, use FDA certified colorants and comply with CSPC and ASTM requirements. All products exceed US, Canadian and EU safety standards. The company’s products have a worldwide reputation for quality. Visit / or call 1-800-747-8016 for more information.


Media Contact
Melissa Dohmen | | Ph: 4028419558

Is “Made in the USA” the End of the Disposable Fashion?

More apparel companies are manufacturing in America, refocusing on quality and supporting local economies

Durham, NC November 14, 2011 – Apparel designers Jolie and Elizabeth, famous for their seersucker dresses, and School House, which designs fashion-forward collegiate apparel, are spearheading a new brand of “Made in the USA” manufacturing.

The young fashion labels are educating apparel workers on “slow fashion” throughout their cut and sew operations in Louisiana and North Carolina. Borrowing from the “slow food” movement, slow clothing is about embracing responsibly made, quality clothing over trendy, cheap and “disposable” apparel.

“Garments should be an investment, they should be well-made and last for years,” says Jolie Bensen, Co-Founder of Jolie and Elizabeth. “What’s trendy doesn’t always look complimentary on young women – they are getting used to throwing out apparel after 3 or 4 wears, and have forgotten the value of a beautiful dress.”

With more clothiers looking to establish US manufacturing and ride demand for American-made products, “disposable” fashion has fallen out of trend as companies like School House look to make it here in the US. After moving its fair-wage manufacturing from Sri Lanka to North Carolina last spring, School House has worked one-on-
one with partners and suppliers to ensure the focus of their US-made clothing is on craftsmanship and quality.

“We believe ‘Made in America’ can and should be associated with the best clothing in the marketplace,” says School House CEO Rachel Weeks. “As a brand, that means partnering with factories to train sewers on our unique items, and working to reinvigorate communities that lost so much talent and pride when this industry left the United

Investing in local manufacturing and refocusing on quality are two of the main reasons Jolie Bensen and Sarah Elizabeth Dewey decided to set up shop in New Orleans, LA, rather than opting for fashion hubs like LA and NYC. After learning the ropes at BCBG, where Jolie and Sarah Elizabeth first met, they now are on their way to joining
School House as one of the only vertically integrated apparel design companies in the South. By keeping production close to their studio, the designers have more control over the quality of their garment, and also contribute to the economic development by promoting more middle class manufacturing jobs in Louisiana.

“The positive impact of keeping dollars circulating within our own local economy and utilizing untapped local labor resources to create jobs is key for our company. But specifically, in a sector that America has abandoned over the past twenty years: apparel manufacturing. It’s time we return to that ‘Rosie the Riveter’ idea- that we as a
country can rely upon itself, for a product that is a basic household necessity: apparel.” says Bensen.

Both School House and Jolie and Elizabeth have collections available to shop online at and School House will launch collections at over 20 new colleges in November and Jolie and Elizabeth are currently sold at over 50 boutiques across the country, and continue to expand with their seasonal collections.

About School House:
In 2007, Rachel Weeks traveled to Sri Lanka as a Fulbright Scholar to build a socially responsible clothing company. Her dream, which started with a t-shirt and an order from her alma mater at Duke, has transformed into School House, a fashion-forward,
ethically sourced collegiate apparel brand. School House’s collections of men’s and women’s “Made in America” collegiate tees, hoodies, lounge pants, dresses and more are available online at and at 100+ collegiate bookstore
retailers nationwide.

About Jolie and Elizabeth:
A contemporary women’s apparel company designed and manufactured in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jolie and Elizabeth is one of the only completely vertically integrated clothing companies in the South. Their retailers span from Georgia to California, as well as through their online shop, The two twenty-something-year-old designers founded their line in 2009 when they returned to New Orleans after feeling the lag of the economy in NY. They now proudly boast a “Made in Louisiana” tag on every garment to commemorate their locally made product in the factory they discovered still struggling to get back on its feet after Katrina. In addition to making an impact on the area’s economy, Jolie and Sarah Elizabeth frequently speak at area high schools and universities, and incorporate ongoing guest design competitions to contribute to the decreasing
number of apparel design graduate opportunities.

“Building a deliberate, ethical supply chain has always been foundational for us, but the opportunity to support jobs in our own backyard has opened up a new realm of possibilities for the social impact of our business.” — Rachel Weeks

“We believe ‘Made in America’ can and should be associated with the best clothing in the marketplace. As a brand, that means partnering with factories to train sewers on our unique items, and working to reinvigorate communities that lost so much talent and pride when this industry left the United States.” — Rachel Weeks

As for the holiday season, it’s been going well! We’ve definitely seen an upswing in sales, fueled by some promotions we ran during Thanksgiving and key press we’ve received. Nonetheless, we’ve seen a huge increase in traffic and engagement since moving to “Made in America.” Given the economy and the fact that consumers are voting with their dollars now more than ever, our customers have rallied around our efforts to build a better local, state and national economy. We could not be more touched and thrilled by the support we’ve seen from communities and citizens nationwide.

We are running a $10 off cardigan sale through the end of the week. Customers need to use coupon code: HOHOHO at checkout they will receive an additional 30% OFF at

Christmas Ornament Company Sees Higher Demand For Made In The USA Only Holiday Decorations

George Washington Crossing the Delaware Christmas Ornament

George Washington Crossing the Delaware Christmas Ornament

‘Made in the USA’ is the clear choice for consumers purchasing gifts at ‘(207) 812-5200.’ this  holiday season. The Bethesda, Maryland based company has seen a double percentage increase in purchases from the 6% increase in 2010. Company president, Luke Wilbur, believes it has to do with an increase in American consumer patriotism:

“Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday sales were up 13%. We are grateful for the business and hope the momentum continues. We appreciate the fact that our customers are willing to pay a little more to for a high quality American manufactured ornament. We hired more help to make sure all the orders get processed efficiently with the care.”

In 2010, A Christmas Ornament Co. made the decision to sell only goods made in the United States. The company hopes to be example for the ‘Big Retail Brands’ that moved their operations to China, India, Pakistan and other countries.

“Foreign outsourcing poses the greatest threat to our economic independence and prosperity,” says Mr. Wilbur. “Americans now understand that companies selling foreign made goods like China pay only a fraction of the retail price sold here in the United States. We hope our representatives in Washington start listening and make real change. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!”

A Christmas Ornament’s catalog includes time-honored Christmas ornaments made of collectible glass, metal, and porcelain. In response to the flood of far-east imports, A Christmas Ornament Co. has distinguished itself by offering only American-made products. A Christmas Ornament strives to make it easy for everyone to purchase American-made Christmas ornaments at a reasonable price. In addition, A Christmas Ornament offers non-automated (American-sourced, of course) on-site customer service to answer any questions customers may have. The company focuses mainly on wholesale orders, but individuals may also purchase Christmas ornaments. The company has entrusted Yahoo, PayPal, and SunTrust Merchant Bank with protecting consumer transactions. All customers are sent an order confirmation via email and all orders are delivered in fully trackable packages with express couriers such as UPS, USPS and FedEx.

Link to Company Web Site.


Buyer Beware – Walmart Shopycat Tracking Application

This is a notice to all you tech savy users this holiday season. Retail giant Walmart is launching (610) 968-5498, a new app for Facebook users. The company will gather Facebook data for you, your family, your friends, business partners and acquaintances whether you like it or not. This will give a major advantage to the company over merchants across the web, similar to what the company has done to small businesses across the United States.

  • Your e-mail address (Ex.
  • Your profile info: activities, interests, likes, location and relationship status
  • Friends’ profile info: activities, birthdays, interests, likes and locations

Shoppycat is designed to offer a more sophisticated e-shopping experience than its rivals Google, Ebay, and Amazon in the online marketplace. Shoppycat will take the member personal profile information and come up with a gift idea.  Buying Gag gifts might night be the best thing to do on Shoppycat. Your friends profile information and purchase decision will be stored for future purchases from you or others linked to you and your friend.

Make sure to read the terms.

For all reviews, comments, feedback, postcards, suggestions, ideas, and other submissions disclosed, submitted or offered to on or through this Site, by e-mail or telephone, or otherwise disclosed, submitted or offered in connection with your use of this Site (collectively, the “Comments”) you grant a royalty-free, irrevocable, transferable right and license to use the Comments however desires, including without limitation, to copy, modify, delete in its entirety, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and/or sell and/or distribute such Comments and/or incorporate such Comments into any form, medium or technology throughout the world. will be entitled to use, reproduce, disclose, modify, adapt, create derivative works from, publish, display and distribute any Comments you submit for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction and without compensating you in any way. is and shall be under no obligation (1) to maintain any Comments in confidence; (2) to pay to user any compensation for any Comments; or (3) to respond to any user Comments. You agree that any Comments submitted by you to the Site will not violate the terms in this Terms of Use or any right of any third party, including without limitation, copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary right(s), and will not cause injury to any person or entity.

Read Walmart’s fulfillment guarantee:

By purchasing a product from any of our Marketplace Retailers, you acknowledge that all Marketplace orders will be fulfilled by the third party Marketplace Retailer and not The Marketplace Retailer will be responsible for all processing, shipping, returns and customer service related to your Marketplace order. Products purchased from a Marketplace Retailer can only be returned to that Marketplace Retailer in accordance with its return policy and cannot be retuned to Walmart stores or Each Marketplace Retailer’s shipping information, return policy, customer service information and Marketplace Privacy Policy can be found on that Marketplace Retailer’s Retailer Information page.

Walmart’s Privacy  Policy

You acknowledge that any personal information that you provide through this Site will be used by in accordance with’s Privacy Policy. If you purchase an item on sold by a Marketplace Retailer, shares certain information with that Marketplace Retailer to permit the Marketplace Retailer to fulfill and ship your order, process returns and provide customer service. requires Marketplace Retailers to keep your information secure and use it only in accordance with the Marketplace Retailer’s Marketplace Privacy Policy which can be found on that Marketplace Retailer’s Retailer Information page.

Walmart’s holiday gift app comes with a price to the recipients without them knowing it.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming quick and many shoppers are wondering how to find the perfect gift. But come December 26th, how much money will be transferred info the pockets of foreign manufacturers? Try $1.1 trillion to China, $936 billion, to Japan, followed by $397 billion owed to the United Kingdom. We need to reverse this trend.

Buy Locally

This holiday season try to avoid the big box retailers and help the small business merchants in your city or town. The quality of service tends to be a friendly and helpful to you finding solutions to your needs. Customers also have a greater voice in requesting goods made here in the States.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates can be a great idea for the person who has everything. Why not pamper your loved one with a trip to the local spa and beauty parlor. Grocery stores and restaurants are also another great idea.

Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Taking your family to a local tree farm is a wonderful tradition the whole family will enjoy. In addition, you will be doing your part not purchasing a plastic tree made in China. The money goes to help farms incomes in the cold winter months.

Make Your Presents

The best presents are those that are made from those that you love. There are may craft ideas that can be found on the world wide web. Hand made gift wrapping ideas can be found too.

We hope you consider these suggestions when doing your family Christmas shopping. The money you spend will then stay close to home and give a boost the local economy. You’ll feel good about it, the recipients of your gifts will have a happy holiday and the people from whom you bought the gifts will, too.


Buy American Made Goods This Holiday Season

The purpose of “Made in USA Christmas” is a campaign to promote goods “Made in USA” or “Made in America” during the Holiday Season. We understand that finding holiday gifts crafted from American manufacturers can be difficult. Please feel free to post stories, comments, and whatever comes to mind about how we can support American manufacturers. We hope to grow new jobs for our community members.